VII CONGRESSO NAZIONALE. Riccione, 5-7 maggio 2017, organizzato dall’Associazione “Il trust in Italia”
Aprile 27, 2017
Giugno 1, 2018




Presentations Schedule


 19.05.2017 / FRIDAY


 09:30-10.00    Registration, Aleksandër Moisiu University - Faculty of Business


10.00-10.30     Welcome and Opening Speech

  • Bozidar CEROVIĆ, President of ASECU
  • Dr. Kseanela SOTIROFSKI, Rector of “Aleksandër Moisiu” University
  • Prof. Azeta TARTARAJ, Dean of Business Faculty, “Aleksandër Moisiu” University

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break


11:00-13:00    Session I                Three parallel sessions   

                        Market Efficiency


Conference Room: Main meeting room

Chairperson: TBD


  • Morena Boja & Fatbardha Morina. “Certification of food products and the impact on the market”
  • Soana Jaupllari, ArjetaVokshi & Olta Milova. “The role of entrepreneurship in the economic development of Albania”
  • Miomir Jakšić & Milica Jakšić. “Inclusive institutions and entrepreneurship”
  • Brunilda Duraj & Juliana Imeraj. “Lessons for development of public-private partnerships in Albania”
  • Almarin Frakulli. “SMEs development in Albania - The impact of tax policies on sustainable sector growth”
  • Luftim Cania, OltaNexhipi & Bajram Korsita. “The role of SMEs in economic development - An empirical study of Albania”

11:00-13:00    Session II                   

Marketing & Management


Conference Room: 104

Chairperson: TBD


  • Blerim Kola & Jehona Gjermizi. Marketing idea on a limited budget. Case of Albanian business
  • Mamica Nene & Ledina Alolli. “Impulsive purchases in supermarkets”
  • Eda Bezhani. “Determination of the effectiveness and profitability metric marketing and sales force”
  • Nevila Furxhiu, Anri Kusaku & Elona Cera. “How social marketing influences behavioral change”
  • Majlinda Muka & Arlind Kasa. “Management of coastal areas and the sea yet a challenge to sustainable tourism in Albania”
  • Selma Kaçaniku & Ina Sina. “CRM in the Government”



11:00-13:00    Session III                   

Market Competitiveness


Conference Room: 105

Chairperson: TBD


  • Bayar Yilmaz. “Pension funds and economic growth: Evidence from OECD countries”
  • Etis Jorgji. “Barriers to enter into foreign markets: Firm-level evidence from Western Balkan countries”
  • Ermir Shahini. The Correlation between Institutional Malfunction and Albanian Mass Emigration”
  • Bayar Yilmaz & H. F. Sezgin. “Remittances and financial development in Central and Eastern European countries”
  • Alush Kuçi. “Some problems of the Albanian railway restructuring”
  • Galip Altınay. “The role of energy in economic growth of the Balkan countries”
  • Bitila Shosha, Romeo Mano, Lorenc Kociu. Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Albania (Focus area - Gjirokastra)”

13:00-14:00    Lunch

                        (Aleksandër Moisiu University - Faculty of Business)



14:00-16:00    Session IV                         Two parallel sessions

                        Solidarity Economy and Regional Development


Conference Room: Main meeting room

Chairperson: TBD


  • Eva Dhimitri. “Evaluation analysis of the regional development process in Albania”
  • Alba Ramallari. “Sustainable development”
  • Erisa Musabelli & Valbona Mehmeti. “Securing the future: Reconciling Albania’s development urgency with sustainability, protection of environment and social justice”
  • Romina Gurashi. “Beyond hyper-capitalism: Can the sharing economy reshape sustainable development?”
  • Elona Pojani. “An economic valuation of tourism in Shëngjini beach using the zonal travel cost method”
  • Arben Kambo, Remzi Keco & Ilir Tomori. “An empirical investigation of the determinants of food waste generation in urban area at household level in Albania”
  • Iva Veshi. “Lessons from the crisis: Introducing resilient HR practices in Albania”

14.00 - 16.00  Session V

                        Economic Policies and Reforms


Conference Room: 104

Chairperson: TBD


  • Denada Lica Berberi. “Off-shoring of manufacturing SMEs: The impact of knowledge management on firm performance”
  • Dorina Koçi (Janku) & Besa Shahini. “The firm’s size investment assessment depending on the likelihood of financially constrained firms”
  • Armando Memushi. “An economic analysis of terrorism and of counter terrorism policies and legislation: The problematic cases of the EU and the US”
  • Staboulis Miltiadis. “Flexible forms of employment integration. Assessing the implementation of employment policies with flexible work arrangements. The case of Cyprus”
  • Mahije Mustafi & Diturije Ismaili. “Impact of integration in the European Union in the economy of the Republic of Macedonia”
  • Josif Gjani & Rajmonda Duka. “Adoption of new mechanisms in International Assistance Programs (IPA) in Albania”
  • Orjana Ibrahimi. “IPA procurement system in Albania”

19.30 - TBC Dinner

Hotel-Restaurant “Bleart”, Durres

Address: Hotel Bleart, Shkëmbi i Kavajës

Durrës, Albania

20.05.2017 / SATURDAY


09:00-09:30    Registration, Aleksandër Moisiu University - Faculty of Business


09:30-11:30    Session VI                    Three parallel sessions

Macroeconomic Policies in European Area


Conference Room: Salla konferences

Chairperson: TBD


  • Ela Golemi & Alma ShahinI. “BREXIT - Implications for South East European countries”
  • Ernil Sabaj. “Cyclical behavior of fiscal policy in the Western Balkans”
  • Flora Merko, Ermira Kalaj & Alma Zisi. “Estimating the effects of fiscal policy on the private consumption: Evidence from Albania”
  • Alma Braimllari (Spaho) & Enxhia Sala. “An econometric analysis of online ratings of hotels in Albania”
  • Natasha Ahmetaj & Ela Golemi. “Procyclical behavior of the Albanian financial system”
  • Dorina Kripa & Dorina Ajasllari. “Brexit and its potential impact on the Albanian economy”
  • Jonida Gashi & Erinda Guma. “The Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC): An analysis for the Balkans”


09:30-11:30    Session VII

                        Economic and Employment Policies                        


Conference Room: 104

Chairperson: TBD

  • Alma Zisi & Flora Merko. “Problems of youth unemployment in Albania”
  • Novo Plakalović. “Unemployment in the context of orthodox economic policy”
  • Eri Gjoka & Raimonda Duka. “Estimating the employment effects of education in Albania”
  • Juna Miluka & Reiko Tsushima. “To participate or not to participate? Unfolding women’s labor force participation and economic empowerment in Albania”
  • Brikena Leka & Eugena Topi. “Evidence of minimum wage effects in the Albanian labor market”
  • Aldo Berlinguer, Roberto Laera & Antonio Vito Boccia. “The special economic areas, best practices for attracting investment and flexible forms of employment. Economic impact in Albania”
  • Namita D’souza & Prashant Bansode. “The potentialities of Indian and Chinese economy: A comparative analysis”


 09.30-11.30    Session VIII

Innovation Contribution


Conference Room: 105

Chairperson: TBD


  • Aleksandra Praščević. “The European integration process in the Age of Secular Stagnation - Necessity of conceptual changes in economic policymaking”
  • Dorina Xheraj-Subashi. “Use of technology in heritage curricula to further dialogue in university aula”
  • Ina Keçi. “Innovative thinking role in sustainable growth”
  • Maja Levi Jaksic. “New business opportunities based on sustainable innovation”
  • Zuzana Palkova & Elena Horska. “Food incubators: Innovation for modern rural economies”
  • Vittoria Bosna. “Communicating through music: Aspects of integrative and intercultural education”
  • Patruno, V. Amicarelli & G. Lagioia. “The aviation fuel evolution: A review”


11.30 – 12.00 Coffee Break


 12:00 -14.00   Session IX                  Three parallel sessions

Financial and trade challenges


Conference Room: Main meeting room

Chairperson: TBD


  • Dirk-Hinnerk Fischer. “Centralbonds - An alternative way to Eurobonds”
  • Irsida Dinoshi & Shkëlqim Fortuzi. “Real exchange rate volatility and international trade: The case of Albania”
  • Rudina Lipi & Ilirjan Lipi. “Definitions of small firm failure signs and financial distress”
  • Edlira Luçi & Ezida Dako. “Anti-crisis measures in the banking system in the Balkan region. The revaluation of capital adequacy ratio”
  • Mauro Bisceglia & Enida Cico. “Risks and yields in not listed banks: The matter of the repricing gap”
  • Rezart Dibra. “Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Disclosure, Executive Compensation, Internal Control Disclosure and Financial Reporting in Corporate Governance (CG)”
  • Ardit Gjeci & Aida Salko. “Analysis of monetary policy shock by using Vector Autoregressive Model (VAR)”


12:00 -14.00   Session X

Financial services and regional approaches

 Conference Room: 104

Chairperson: TBD


  • Lavdosh Ahmetaj. “Italy's financial expansion in Albania - National Bank Of Albania and SVEA (1925-1939)”
  • Bardhyl Dauti & Ismet Voka. “Foreign direct investment and exports. Substitutes or complements. Evidence from transition countries”
  • Ina Shehu, Jonada Mamo & Sivi Asllani. “The factors that impact human behavior to ensure their life and health on insurance companies”
  • Nafi Pollozhani & Nuhi Sela. “Short-term financial management of the company “Bereqeti” llc”
  • Tatjana Elezi. “Functional and financial decentralization of social services in lbania through a case study in the Lezha Municipality”
  • Zamira Sinaj. “The impact of European Union policy in the management and financing of the health system in Albania”

12:00 -14.00   Session XI                              

Social Challenges


Conference Room: 105

Chairperson: TBD


  • De Marco, P. Dibari & F. Scalera. The Italian law “After Us” no. 112/2016 and protection measures for persons with severe disabilities and without family support”
  • Ahmet Salih İkiz. Turkey between two worlds”
  • Xhakolli Esmeraldo. The reintegration of migrants returned to their country of origin (empirical analysis, Albanian case
  • Gaqo Tanku & Piro Tanku. “Organizational communication in different cultures. The Albanian experience”
  • Angela Maria D’Uggento, Fabio Manca & Francesco Girone. “Student satisfaction and quality of education at the University of Bari”
  • Eda Gjoka. “Child labor: International standards and Albanian legislation”
  • Aseda Banushaj & Albana Hashorva. “School-to-work transition: Evidence from Albania”
  • Valbona Sakollari & Marsida Ismaili. “Employment and social welfare issues in Albania”


14:00-15:00    Lunch

                        (Aleksandër Moisiu University Campus, Durrës)


15:00-15:30    Closing Ceremony


17.30               City tour


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